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As an international fashion model, I have been looking forever for a lipstick that not only looks good, applies and stays evenly, is kind to my lips and doesn't stain my teeth. Being on the red carpet smiling to the cameras with lipstick all over my teeth would be an absolute nightmare. Equally bad is if my lipstick has smeared. And I finally found one brand that saves me so much stress.

I tried the lipstick from HBN of Dubai when I walked the red carpet during the Cannes Film Festival. It was perfect throughout the evening without needing reapplying. So now I will use it as often as I can when I model for fashion shoots as they can last for hours. Believe it or not, but it is actually very tiring trying to look one's best for hours on end. With this lipstick from HBN at least I am sure that my lips will always look perfect. It is a premium brand and costs a bit more than your average lipstick. But for me at least, it is certainly worth paying a bit extra for such quality. I hope you agree.

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