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Sometimes it is difficult to know what takes precedence at Royal Ascot - fashion or horse racing? I would say that the horse racing provides the perfect setting for both men and women to dress up. Some take the fashion very seriously whereas others find the occasion as the perfect excuse for a bit of fashion frivolity. For the serious fashion connoisseurs, the Queen and the other royals lead the way.



Strangely enough, I decided to wear a jumpsuit as well on Ladies' Day. I chose to wear a purple jumpsuit by Venera Tabakin with a matching hat by the amazing milliner Anna Gilder and colourful clutch bag. Which ensemble do you think looks more stylish? If you think my outfit looks better, you will be pleased to know that it is available at WWW.AKPREMIER.COM for only £325 - nearly a fifth of the cost of Countess of Wessex £1,500 jumpsuit. You can also get all my accessories at and still cost several hundreds of pounds lower than the £1,500 for just the Countess of Wessex jumpsuit, let alone the cost for her accessories.

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