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Sometimes it is difficult to know what takes precedence at Royal Ascot - fashion or horse racing? I would say that the horse racing provides the perfect setting for both men and women to dress up. Some take the fashion very seriously whereas others find the occasion as the perfect excuse for a bit of fashion frivolity. For the serious fashion connoisseurs, the Queen and the other royals lead the way. The older royal generation always colour co-ordinate their outfit with their hats whereas the younger royals are often a bit more daring with bolder colours.



But for the general public, this is one of the few chances to mingle with royalty whilst dressing up to match their personality. It doesn't matter what they choose to wear (as long as it adheres to Royal Ascot's dress code, of course). What is important is to enjoy the occasion and the opportunity to look glam at such a prestigious event that is open to everyone. Royal Ascot has actually democritised pomp and circumstance where anyone can participate. Much of the fashion coverage is actually focused on what the general public are wearing. Some choose to wear elegant outfits whilst those who want to have fun and perhpas get noticed wear outrageous hats (and outfits). But it is all done with a bit of humour and light heartedness. This is what makes Royal Ascot so special. The sport of kings (and queens), royalty, oversized hats and loud outfits in perfect symmetry.


Whilst the dress or outfit is important, the hats are the ones that generally create the biggest stir at Royal Ascot. This is probably because Royal Ascot is one of the few occasions where you have an opportunity to mix fun with glamour and high society. It really gives a woman the opportunity to express her personality. For those who have an exhibitionist streak, what better than wear a loud and proud millinary creation to match one's personality?! Below are some stunning creations from this year's Royal Ascot.



Those who have made a special effort to wear something unique or super elegant will get noticed by the fashion editors and you might see yourself published in some of the leading fashion publications and mainstream media. It may not seem important but it is always nice when someone or something of note recognises one's fashion sense and effort. if it wasn't, then it is unlikely that thousands of women make that special effort to look glam at Royal Ascot. Many of us dreamed of dressing up like a princess when we were children and this is one of the few chances that most of us have to look like a princess and mingle with royalty at the same time. Royal Ascot is like a fairy tale that is REAL!

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