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A lot of people think being a model is such an easy career - all you need is to have the looks and be pretty. How utterly wrong this is. It would be like saying that someone only needs to be clever to succeed in life. But it is not. What matters is how one utilises one's assets, whether it be looks or intellect (or preferably both). So to dispel some myths about models, I thought I would write this blog about one day in my life to show you how hard I have to work as an international fashion model and building a career outside of modelling.


Aargh. The alarm clocks are deafining at 6 am. It wasn't long ago that I was able to go to bed from a hectic previous day. With bleary eyes, I manage to crawl out of bed. After having had a shower, I manage to scramble some eggs. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and I need the energy as it will be a long, long day. Had some coffee to wake me up. And then rushing to the train station. I have a photo shoot in Brighton which is like a 2 hour train ride from London. I will have to put on my make up on the train. I just managed to catch the train and I finally get to sit down. After having done my make up, I have a few moments "free". This "free" time is spent managing my social media - posting pictures and trying to reply to all the comments. Before I know it, I have already arrived in Brighton well before I could reply to everyone.

It is my luck. An outdoor shoot in blustery wind and heavy downpours. Perfect to catch a cold when modelling light summer dresses. But what choice do I have as I have already committed myself to the photo shoot. So there I am trying to look glamorous after only a few hours of sleep and in the miserable cold and rainy weather. This isn't doing any good to my hair so when I have a short break, I have to somehow book an appointment with my hairdresser early next morning so I look presentable for the next day's shoot that I have been booked for. That's done and now back to the photo shoot. The poor weather makes constant touch ups of my make up necessary and it delays the shoot by several hours. This is stressing me out as I have two appointments back in London. And I hate being late.

As the photographer wraps up the photo shoot, I am literally already running to the train station. If I miss my train, I will be late for my meetings and potentially lose two jobs that I have worked incredibly hard to get. Exhausted, wet and tired, I somehow managed to catch the train. As I have no time to go home and change, I have to do a quick change in the train toilets. Not my preferred area to change in especially since I have a phobia about hygiene, but what other choice do I have? But no time to rest as I have to continue working on my social media. And of course, I run out of time. As the train approaches the station, I have to be ready to scramble to get to my first meeting. I am going to be a bit late and have to excuse myself for running late in a text message to the designer. Luckily, she is understanding and waiting for me.


That meeting went well even with me being a bit late. The next meeting I have is to do a dress fitting with the designer for my Royal Ascot outfit and make sure the hat made specifically for the event matches the outfit and sits well as I don't want to be chasing my hat at Ascot. it is forecasted to be windy and rainy. I could then be ending up running further than the race horses. A few minor alterations is only required but still takes precious time of my day. Wow, the time flies and I noticed that it is already past 10 pm. After having wrapped up the fittings, I manage to hail down a cab and make my way back home. I suddenly realise how hungry I am. I hadn't had time to eat a thing all day.

So when I get home, I quickly fry a sea bass and some vegetables. Whilst eating my dinner, I am finishing all my unfinished social media tasks left to do. Now having satiated my hunger, I get enough energy to work on my next article for Forbes. As the deadline is approaching and a busy schedule the entire week, I push myself to finish tonight. As the midnight oil burns, I manage to finish and submit it for publication. Yay, I am done for today. Only to realise that it is past 2 am and I have to get up before 8 am. And my entire week will be like this. Think I need a holiday.

Yes, modelling can be extremely glamorous and the public normally only see that side of the business, not realising how much hard work is done behind the scenes. So for anyone who thinks of a career in modelling, don't expect life to be easy just because you are pretty or have the looks. There are millions of pretty girls in the world who probably want success at least as much as you do if not more. If you are not prepared for long hours, often disappointments not getting a casting or the contract work you worked so hard for, I would recommend a different career. But if you put in the hard work, the rewards can be extremely lucrative, enable you to be paid to travel the world for photo shoots and modelling jobs and be invited to some amazing red carpet events. Do I have any regrets of choosing modelling over a career as a translator at the UN? Not in the least as I can now use my interest in linguistics in my journalistic career - and of course writing my blog.


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