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Most models have relatively short careers. I have been rather fortunate to have had such a long career as an international fashion model. But eventually all good things must come to an end. So I was thinking what I would do once I stopped modelling. It would be a shame to just let go of all my experience and contacts within the world of fashion. Then a serendipitous event occurred when I was asked to write an article about fashion. It was quite a daunting task as I had never submitted a formal article to an established publisher, but I was ready for the challenge. As a child I won a national language competition and had actually wanted to become a translator at the United Nations. Life seems to come around in circles.

Now I had a chance to use my passion for languages and combine it with my other passion which is fashion. I began to read a lot of articles, studied writing skills and techniques. Eventually, I developed my own style of writing which seemed popular. One article led to another and yet another. Within a year, I have had over 20 articles published in international publications such as Forbes (France), Monaco Madame Magazine (Monte Carlo), Moda Dynastie (Dubai), Manila Up Magazine (Los Angeles), City Life (Monaco) and Fabulos (UK). When reflecting on what has happened in such a short space of time, I am rather overwhelmed. I thanked my lucky stars. But as a friend reminded me, "You make your own luck!" Hard work does pay off eventually, even if it seems like nothing works at the beginning.

I am so proud to have become a regular contributor for Forbes. My latest article for Forbes is an article about the fashion designer Sajada Rehman titled "The Universal Language of Fashion with Sajada Rehman." It is published in French but I have provided an English translation of the article below:



History has taught us that by merging the best of different societies it often leads to accelerated human development. And this can arguably be applicable to fashion. Fashion is a universal language requiring no need for translation. The aesthetics of a culture’s fashion communicates its traditions, values, art, heritage and so much more. By fusing the styles of different cultures, it is possible to showcase to the world the merits of each culture as a combined entity. One exponent of this is the British-born Sajada Rehman. She considers her mixed background as one of the main factors for her success.

By drawing inspiration from both her British upbringing as well as her heritage, she has masterfully fused western and Asian styles. Many of her creations merge western functionality with Asian appliqué, embroidery and craftsmanship to create visually stunning fashion that embraces the past whilst embodying modernity. Sajada has through her fashion been able to demonstrate how the merging of cultures can create something so much greater than each on their own. This is clearly evident as her dresses are frequently seen at major red carpet events. She made the headlines with her unique fused design style at the Cannes Film Festival.

To do justice to her combined heritage, Sajada applies traditional craftsmanship with complex embroidery and embellishments on the latest luxury fabrics. She believes that she can only showcase her cultures in the best light by striving for perfection and ensuring the highest quality workmanship. Her unique design ethos has enabled her to establish a large international clientele. Sajada clearly proves that fashion is a universal language that transcends bigotry. It has the power to unite as well as communicate the beauty and benefits of multi-culturalism.

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