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Being a Brand Ambassador is a highly responsible position, so I select the brands carefully. The brand has to fit in with my image and have the following traits: quality, craftsmanship, exquisite design, luxury and potential. This is something which I found in Sajada Rehman couture. Although I frequently model for many leading haute couture designers, Sajada Rehman is the first designer whom I have agreed to be a Brand Ambassador for. I recognised that not only does her designs have all the traits that I am looking for in a brand, but Sajada is a designer with passion for her craft and driven to succeed.

This was clearly apparent when Sajada wanted to be represented at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. She listened intently to my suggestions what would be suitable as I had a lot of experience walking the red carpet at previous Cannes Film Festivals. She went out of her way to design a dress specifically for me for the event. Using the best luxury fabrics, she embellished the dress with exquisite hand embroidery and quality embellishments. She made sure that the dress fit perfectly and arrived in a flawless condition. All the hard work paid off when the UK Daily Mail described her dress as GLAMOROUS and STUNNING as shown below.


Only the most outstanding and glamorous outfits are covered by the mainstream media from the Cannes Film Festival as competition is fierce to get noticed as the Cannes Film Festival red carpet is crowded with A-listers and celebrities wearing established designer brands. So for Sajada Rehman to be described as GLAMOROUS and OUTSTANDING clearly shows that she has tremendous potential, especially as this was her first participation at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sajada showcased her latest collection at the Dubai Fashion Week. It was incredibly well received and led to discussions of her being stocked in Dubai and Paris by leading luxury boutiques. Her ability to fuse the best of western and Asian design has incredible popular appeal. She has the unique ability to combine the two styles to create a piece of art that resonates with people from all over the world, especially those who have an international outlook. And being from an international background myself, this really appeals to me.

Sajada's success at her first Cannes Film Festival red carpet and at Dubai Fashion Week vindicates my decision to become her Brand Ambassador. I trust her to continue to create more stunning outfits and look forward to promote her brand all over the world. Remember her name because I am sure that you will see her name a lot more in the press in the very near future.

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