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Being an international fashion model, journalist and TV Presenter means that I am expected to always look at my best. This can be extremely difficult as few can afford to spend thousands of pounds on an outfit, shoes and accessories. So I am always looking out for great value when I shop. The trick is to be able to look chic without spending a fortune. One place to start is where many of the dresses that I have modelled and designers whom I consider excellent can be bought at truly affordable prices, especially considering the quality, workmanship and design of the items available on the site.

I always make sure that my hair is looked after and styled to match my outfit. As a friend always remind me, if my hair and shoes don't look good, then it doesn't matter what I wear. And this is so true. This leads me to choosing the shoes. Naturally, the shoes have to match the outfit and colour co-ordinated. But I make sure that my shoes are comfortable. It is difficult to walk naturally and look classy if one is hobbling around because of blisters or even take off the shoes because they hurt so much.


For a formal function, I try to find a dress that is ankle length. A long dress that is well designed with good lines will make you look taller, slimmer and more elegant. Even if the dress is long, it can still make you look incredibly sexy. A lot of men think that a woman who is stylishly dressed is far more sexy than someone who puts everything on show.


For a more casual look, I like to wear dresses and skirts just above the knee (which is more suitable for autumn and winter). It is comfortable whilst still looking elegant. And if you combine the dress well with some stylish accessories, you can look like a million dollars for less than $100. So many people complemented me on my outfit when I wore the light blue dress to a business meeting in Monte Carlo. Little did they know the dress cost me a lot less than £100. I just accessorised the outfit with a pair of sunglasses and a clutch bag I already owned.


For a sunny spring day or summer, I think that a dress or skirt mid thigh is acceptable as long as your whole ensemble is matched well. A simple blouse is enough to wear with a thigh high skirt, especially if you combine it with a matching formal jacket or a strong bold coloured jacket. I strongly recommend that you make sure that whatever you wear has a good fit. Poorly fitted clothes just looks bad even if you have spent thousands on a stunning outfit. I really value this adage:

"It is not what you wear that is important, it is how you wear it!"

And your outfit is a double edged sword. If you wear something that makes you feel and look good, it gives you that extra confidence and self belief. That in itself is attractive. But remember, the opposite is true too. If you wear a stunning outfit that is not comfortable, you are likely to be fidgeting and your discomfort will be very apparent. Then it has been a pointless exercise in choosing the outfit and spending all that money on it. It defeats the purpose.

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